Ready Mix Concrete

By definition, ready-mix concrete is a concrete that is manufactured at a batch plant, according to a set recipe, and then delivered to a work site by truck mounted in-transit mixers.  At Breckenridge, we prefer to view our work as providing our customers with an integral construction material that is vital to the success of their project whether it is a backyard patio or a 25 story office complex.

Although ready-mix concrete is generally composed of four primary ingredients (cement, aggregates, chemicals, and water), there can be a multitude of combinations of these different products that yield widely different results of the concrete in both the plastic and hardened state.  This is why we maintain a skilled and experienced staff of quality control engineers and technicians who are able to design the appropriate mix for your application.

Our network of plants (see locations page) consist of both dry mixed plants as well as central mixed plants across and around the St. Louis metropolitan area and beyond.  Our central mixed plants are strategically located in St. Louis and St. Charles county and provide our customers with large paving jobs the opportunity to “pick-up” pre-mixed concrete in order to accelerate their paving efficiency (for more information on this option, please contact our sales team).

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