Tackling home improvement projects, large or small, can be an extremely rewarding endeavor.  Sometimes those tasks can be somewhat daunting for the not so experienced do-it-yourselfer.  Whether you are adding a new patio, replacing your walkway, or need a footing for that new addition, Breckenridge is there to help you along the way.  Our experienced order takers, salespeople and quality personnel are all available to help you determine and satisfy your concrete needs. 

Many do-it-yourself projects often have a decorative element involved.  Breckenridge has specially formulated decorative mixes that have been designed for optimal performance in these applications.  If colored concrete is your preference, Breckenridge offers a wide range of standard colors as well as the option to develop custom colors from our liquid color machine.  Stamping, exposed and stained options are also available and can be provided in a wide range of choices to give your home project that special finish you desire.

Remember that your finished concrete product also requires ongoing care to help it maintain that finish over the long duration of its life.  Our dry goods business, Ozark Building Materials, carries a wide range of curing and sealing products as well as other accessories for your job that can be delivered on our trucks.  When placing your order, simply ask for your curing agents, sealers or other items along with your concrete.

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