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The sustainability movement has come a long way in the last decade and is now entering the mainstream of construction.  As a result, architects and engineers are becoming more frequently challenged to design structures that are not only structurally sound and cost effective but also with an emphasis on being environmentally responsible.  This poses unique challenges for the A&E community to balance cost and appropriate design concepts.  Programs such as the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) are becoming more and more of a design standard and demand that both the design and the products chosen be carefully considered in order to achieve the degree of sustainability required of the project.

From a concrete standpoint, there are many areas where the use of concrete can either directly achieve or assist in earning LEED credits.  Some of these areas include innovation in design, storm water control, and energy performance.  A more comprehensive evaluate of concrete’s role in LEED can be found here

Breckenridge has been working with our customers for years now in helping them achieve their sustainable design goals through both our innovative mix designs as well as our products that are specific to environmental responsibility.  One of the best examples of this would be our pervious concrete mixes.  Our quality control staff has working extensively with customers to design proprietary mixes that can offer end-users the best pervious products in the market.  These products have been recognized with awards from the St. Louis Concrete Council over the last several years including the recipient of the Green Award. 

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