Decorative Concrete

The use of concrete in design and decorative applications has changed greatly in the last few decades.  Concrete is no longer simply a material used in construction, concrete can be molded, shaped and colored into virtually any design concept needed.  At Breckenridge, our team of quality control specialists has created dedicated decorative mixes to assist our customers in achieving the perfect result each and every time.

Whether your application is a common area of a commercial complex or your backyard patio, Breckenridge has a range of decorative options ready to meet the needs of your application.  Our decorative range includes products such as:

  • Colored concrete – With our availability of custom colors, from terra cotta reds to the more natural browns and everything in between, you can achieve a look that adds curb appeal and increases market value in your residential and commercial projects.
  • Stamped concrete – Stamped textures in the concrete can give your project the look of brick, cobble or flag stones and even wood, all at a fraction of the cost normally associated with these landscaping materials.  These highly durable and low maintenance products make stamped concrete an easy choice for our contractors and homeowners alike.
  • Exposed concrete – Ideal for sidewalks and pool decks as well as entryways and plazas, Breckenridge offers several aggregates for exposed applications resulting in a decorative, natural look that achieves the high durability and skid resistance required for heavy traffic areas.

Additionally, our decorative concrete options include mixes that can be tailored to your needs for polished floors or overlay applications as well as any other design situation that you can create.

For color charts, stamp applications and contractor referrals, please contact our sales team at 314-962-1234.  You can also find more detailed information regarding colored concrete at the following sites.

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