Owners, engineers, and architects are requiring more performance guarantees and faster delivery times from construction projects.  As a result, construction companies and contractors often take on responsibility for circumstances that are outside of their control – especially when it comes to concrete.  To remain competitive and profitable, contractors need to work with concrete that arrives on time, is consistent batch after batch, is easy to place and finish, and meets the desired performance requirements of the job.   

Obtaining quality concrete with the necessary finishing characteristics is a requirement for both time and cost efficiencies.  Too dry, too wet, too boney, segregating…all are adjectives used for concrete that is hard to place and finish and can adversely affect performance and the project's bottom line.  These reasons are why Breckenridge has the largest technical staff of any concrete producer in our area and maintain our own, MoDOT-certified laboratory.  Our technical staff has designed mixes that provide superior performance and can design new mixes to meet even the most challenging of specifications.

Selecting a concrete provider is often looked at as a commodity decision…unfortunately, when product or service issues arise on the job site, project delays and over-runs can become problematic and expensive.  Breckenridge is the leader in providing quality concrete in the bi-state area and can service your job from the most extensive plant network and largest fleet of any concrete producer in our region. 

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