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Architects and Engineers are on the forefront of design innovation in the construction industry worldwide.  With increasing challenges in both the cost and availability of traditional materials, they must increasingly find creative ways to build structures that are aesthetically pleasing, economically sound, safe and secure, and environmentally responsible.  Because of these challenges, the A & E community is balancing conflicting forces such as time versus budget, input versus expertise, as well as risk and liability.

Concrete is often viewed in the construction industry as a commodity material, however nothing could be further from the truth.  Advances in concrete design and production have transformed concrete into one of the more versatile building materials available to the architectural and engineering communities.  Some examples of this diversity come from the following:

  • Specialty mixes that include high-strength concrete, self-consolidating concrete, pervious concrete and others.
  • Higher performance in achieving engineered characteristics such as compressive strength, tensile strength, permeability, durability, reduced shrinkage, less creep, resistance to freeze-thaw, and other long-term mechanical properties.
  • Affordable high-strength mix designs making concrete a viable alternative to steel, timber and masonry in beams, columns, walls and floors and overall materials for high-rise buildings, roads, bridges and other structures.
  • Green builidng products that are either designed using recycled/reused materials or specific mixes aimed at earning a project LEED credits.

Within our region, Breckenridge is committed to being on the forefront of concrete design and technology.  As part of our primary goal to deliver value to our customers, we also focus on opening further communications with other parts of the construction value chain, specifically, the design community.  We routinely visit architectural and engineering firms to speak on advances and products related to concrete and would be happy to visit your firm for such a presentation.  If you or your organization is interested in learning more or would like to schedule a presentation, please contact us at (314) 962-1234.

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